INTERMOT was founded in 1985, and since the beginning of its history, the main activity is the planning, the production and the distribution of Radial Piston Hydraulic Motors, with their distinguishable “star” design.
At the end of 80s, the company suffered a financial crisis, due to the increasing competitiveness on the markets and to some technical and qualitative problems on the products. INTERMOT referred to SAI for a partnership, and SAI operates with a financial support and its technological know-how, that enable INTERMOT to make safe itself and restore for the next years.

In 1991, INTERMOT made the first step toward the creation of a brand that today is one of the most important in the Hydraulic Motors sector, especially for the plastic injection machines. Thanks to the establishment of a production site in China, INTERMOT is the first company to make steps to the market internationalization process. Indeed, the company advanced the tendency of the move to East amongst the main manufacturers of equipment for the plastic injection mold machines.
The history of the company and the development of the injection machines market follow the same ways. Furthermore, the acquisition of new and even more important and international references in the key markets, coincides to a coherent and constant improvement of the products range.
At the same time, INTERMOT developed also great collaborations with production and distribution entities in the main hydraulic markets, and the company also builds cooperation for the customization of the motors, following the customers’ requirements.

Since 2010, INTERMOT development got great advantages from the company reorganization: INTERMOT fully entered in SAI Hydraulic Motors Group. Thanks you the research center, one of the most important entities in Europe for its capability, expertise and speed of development, INTERMOT product range was deeply analyzed. The planning was revisited, and the products benefited many technological and process changes, that transformed the range in one of the widest and most performing on the market. Thanks to the experience of the Group, and thanks to the eight production sites located in America, Europe and Asia, the Group produces motors that are featured by unique quality standards, with speed and excellent lead time, due to the geographical closeness to the clients.

INTERMOT has also rationalized its logistical and distributive factors, for a more efficient market coverage, thanks to the capabilities of the Group, that can rely on a capillary technical and productive delocalization in every market.

All the companies of SAI Group have given a crucial contribution to the development of INTERMOT, and today they can locally support INTERMOT products and clients, with a very high service standard.
Thanks to the products and process development, coming from the effective entry in the SAI Group, today INTERMOT is a successful brand with technological and commercial competences, that enable the company to be a strategic partner for important international entities, in many different industrial sectors. Marine machines and equipment, Oil & Gas sector - both off-shore and on-shore -, mining sector: these are only instances of sectors where INTERMOT brand is guarantee of quality and reliability.

  • We are at your disposal with our Know-how, for every kind of assistance
  • Our flexibility makes us leader in different and complex applications
  • We have been present on the market for 30 years, and we have been always focusing our structures on the Customers' requirements. All our departments work in a perfect synergy: Research and Development, Planning, Test Room, Marketing, Production, Sales and Assistance collaborate with a single purpose: Customer Satisfaction.

Key strengths

  • Rapidity and competence in the assistance to the Customer, from the planning to the installation on the application.
  • Our advanced structures allow us to simulate and test the most complex applications.
  • Time to market and technical problems are minimized.
  • Flexibility and reactivity: we always follow market's evolution and requirements.


Our services at your disposal

Our purpose is the commitment with the Customer, in order to grant a rapid and definitive problem solving, both on the technical and the commercial side. Our wide distribution network allows us to reach every area of the world in the fastest possible time, guaranteeing professional liability and safety for our clients.

In case of assistance:

  • We prepare a detailed inspection report
  • We identify the assistance center, that is the closest to the Customer
  • Maintenance services by the Client's location, for analysis and problem solvings
  • Reparations are realized both during and out the warranty period
  • Customized re-planning program for OEM


  • Original and validated spare parts
  • World warranty on the reparations
  • Machineries inactivity time is minimized
  • World network of authorized reparation centres
  • Reparation procedures are approved by Intermot technical department
  • Express reparation on request

Spare parts

Spare parts supply: a rapid and reliable answer

  • Fast delivery, thanks to Intermot stock
  • Quotation within 24 hours
  • Express delivery on request, for all the standard parts
  • Customized re-elaboration programs for OEM, under agreed minimum quantities
  • Spare parts identification and technical support
  • Reparation handwork, including spare parts list.

Original spare parts

  • All the spare parts are original and tested
  • Specified identification
  • Reparation kits
  • Pre-assembled parts, ready to be mounted
  • 1 year of complete warranty on all our original spare parts.


  • All the spare parts are original for safety quality and maximum performances
  • Worldwide availability
  • Certified traceability of the spare parts' origin, for better quality and service.


Technology and innovation

In order to improve our motors’ technological innovation and reliability, our test room has been enhanced. 
We reached improvements in products’ performances, and we can make different kinds of test, that allow us to simulate our clients’ numerous applications with extreme precision. 
Thanks to our sophisticated test benches and our diagnosis equipment, that are characterized by the most modern digital technology, we can assure a great service.

Professional assistance for your applications

Intermot supports Customers in this step, through:

  • Organizing customized tests and analysis
  • Tests are implemented both internal and by the application, through our equipment and devices
  • Maximum synergy with the Customer, in order to optimize the product.


  • In the initial phase of the project, training is done directly by the Customer's application
  • No risk due to the technological leap
  • Guaranteed serenity.

In case of any inconvenience or malfunctioning, fast problem solving is guaranteed.